K9 Trailblazers Dog Hiking Club 
December 9, 2001 Hike at Sky Meadows
Trip Report

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Distance: 3 miles or 6 miles

Happy Holidays! Our K9Trailblazers First Annual Holiday Party went so well that we may celebrate on other occasions instead of waiting a whole year. You never knew your fellow hikers were such party animals, did you?

On December 9th the morning was cool and overcast as we hiked but the sun came out at party time. We missed Suzanne and George who stayed home with Max because he split his toenail the week before the hike, and also missed a couple of regulars who called in sick. Get well wishes for all of you-- Sorry you missed it, but thank you for not bringing your sore throats and flu to us! 

The 12 people and 6 dogs who did make it to Sky Meadows were well rewarded. Jester shared his special "Blue Dog" biscuits. Alice, leading her first K9TB hike, brought a big bag of Midnight Milky Way bars to share at the trailhead AND carried the extras in her pack to boost our energy when we stopped to rest! Once underway, we all enjoyed the nature loop and then wound through the forest to the Piedmont Overlook where we admired the beauty of the valley spreading below and all the way to the purple mountains’ majesty. Katy had enough after 3 miles, so Jeff and 2 other people returned to the parking area, and Alice and Diva led 9 people and 5 dogs on a second 3-mile loop, passing historic and modern farm sites and several nice views as we did a couple of steep but short climbs before reaching the parking area.

Lunch included Jeff’s spiced cider and home-made gingerbread cookies, some of which were shaped like Katy! Pat brought Christmas candies for the people and gingerbread for doggies in the shape of cats and mailmen. After lunch, we sang songs of the season plus a couple of perennial campfire favorites. Jester wore his jingle bell, and the people played Pat’s rhythm band instruments passably well while Jeff accompanied us on his guitar. We’re not yet Ready for Prime Time, but it was a whole lot of fun! Then still enthusiastic and energetic, we exchanged gifts. Everybody liked what they received, especially Roscoe who all by himself opened his package to the cheers of onlookers, and Mickey who ran circles bouncing up and down to show her delight with a paw-shaped stocking filled with biscuits.

This party marked the end of the 2001 K9Trailblazers hiking season. It has been a pleasure hiking with all of you and your friendly and clever dogs, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon. Meanwhile, have a very happy Holiday Season, ring in a wonderful New Year, and check the K9TB website for more hikes to come!

Break Time Old Farm Wall Bridge Crossing Up Gap Run Trail
Mickey Parks at the Campgrounds Following the Red Blazes Bench Memorial A Rocky Crossing
A Break at the Top of the Trail Down Through the Meadow The Sun Peeks Through Lunch Time
Diva Waits for Snacks Mickey Gets Excited! Roscoe Tears Into His Present Where's My Christmas Gift?