Sugarloaf Mountain

Location:Comus, MD

Sugarloaf Mountain 901 Comus Rd
Dickerson, MD 20842-9789
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Contact:Stronghold Incorporated
7901 Comus Rd.
Dickerson, MD 20842
Dist. From Balto.:50 miles
Dog Trails:


There are three loop trails at Sugarloaf Mountain:  Saddleback Horse Trail (yellow blazes, 7 miles), Northern Peaks Trail (blue blazes, 5 miles) and the Mountain Loop Trail (white blazes, 2.5 miles).

These three trails are each at increasing elevation with the horse trail circling the base of the mountain, and the mountain trail circling the summit. The Northern Peaks and Mountain Loop Trails have the most elevation change, going from near the summit down to the base fo the mountain and back up again. The Northern Peaks Trail, however, has more ups and downs as it (as the name implies) traverses four of the peaks of Sugarloaf. These trails can be rather steep and rocky at times.

Along the trails there are many scenic views. White Rocks, along the Nothern Peaks Trail, is a good stopping place for lunch or a rest.

Maps are available at the summit parking lot trail head. You can also click here to download a .pdf version of the map. (139 Kb)

General Info.:


Sugarloaf Mountain is a privately held recreation area rather than state land. It has hiking trails as well as picnic areas, scenic overlooks and a snack bar.

Sugarloaf is home to a variety of different animals. For several years the mountain has been home to nesting ravens and they can be sometimes seen and heard. There is also an abundance of different plant life. Look for spectacular displays of Mountain Laural in the spring.

Geologically speaking, Sugarloaf Mountain is actually a monadnock. That's a mountain that's left after the surrounding area has eroded. As a result, it's the highest point in the region.

Special Notes:Sugarloaf has some historical significance as well. It was used as an observation site during the civil war. In the 50's it was almost turned into a giant scenic parking structure, where people could park, eat, and enjoy the view from the comfort of their own cars. Fortunately for us, this plan fell through.
Further info: PATC Sugarloaf Mountain WWW Page

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