Soldier's Delight Natural Environment Area

Location:5100 Deer Park Rd, Owings Mills, MD

Soldier's Delight NEA 5100 Deer Park Rd
Owings Mills, MD 21117-3104
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Contact:Phone 410-922-3044

Soldier's Delight Natural Environment Area
c/o Patapsco Valley State Park
8020 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21043
(410) 461-5005
Dist. From Balto.:~20 miles
Dog Trails:


There are two main sections of trail in Soldiers Delight. Those on the visitor's center side of Deer Park Rd. traverse most of the serpentine barren area through large sections of grassland.

The trails on the other side of Deer Park Rd travel mainly through woodland and at parts parallel a stream. There are also a number of abandoned chromium mines scattered throughout this area. Trails are color coded and maps are available at the visitor's center. Click here for a pdf version of the trail map.  Note:  Due to the fragility of the ecology, the trails in Soldier's Delight are subject to rerouting.  Always pay attention to "Trail Closed" signs!

General Info.:


The visitor's center at 5100 Deer Park Rd. has more information on the park as well as displays on the unique natural and human history of the area.
Special Notes:Soldier's Delight is a rather unique environment in Maryland. It represents the largest serpentine barren in the state, and one of the largest on the east coast. The ecology it supports is also rather rare. There are 39 species of rare, endangered or threatened plants in the park. Keep that in mind as you hike and take extra care staying on the trail.
Further info: DNR Soldier's Delight WWW Page

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