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Location:Shawan Rd., Cockeysville, MD

Oregon Ridge Park Shawan Rd., Cockeysville, MD
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Contact:Shawan Rd.
Cockeysville, MD


Dist. From Balto.:~20 miles
Dog Trails:


There are several different trails running through Oregon Ridge Park. The trails are generally wide and fairly even with a few relatively steep spots. Most trails start at, or near, the nature center. Trail maps are available at the nature center.
General Info.:


Oregon Ridge is the largest county run park in Baltimore County. It has several miles of trails, a nature center, picnic areas, playgrounds and tennis courts.

Oregon Ridge is set in the hills of northern Baltimore county. Trails travel through woodlands over hills and down along a small stream. There is also a small pond at the end of one trail. The park also has a nature center with trail maps and further information on the plants and animals you may encounter in the park.

Special Notes:Oregon Ridge also has an amphitheater and hosts a number of special events and concerts. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra has a number of summer evening concerts there.
Further info: Baltimore County Parks and Recreation WWW Page

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