Hemlock Gorge, Hoffmanville, MD

Location:Gunpowder Rd.
Hoffmanville, MD

Hemlock Gorge Hoffmanville, MD
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Dist. From Balto.:~20 miles
Dog Trails:


Dogs allowed on all trails.
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These trails are generally unmarked and are a combination of fire roads and other access routes.  Depending on the time of year, some sections of the trail may be rather overgrown with briars and mile-a-minute vine and nearly inaccessible.
Special Notes:The hikes in this area are in the Pretty Boy Dam watershed.  Hemlock Gorge is a particularly interesting region with geology reminiscent of West Virginia, not central Maryland.  Hoffmanville, the start location shown in the map, was the location of the Hoffman Paper Mill, the mill that made paper for the first US currency.  The Hoffman family cemetery is located off of a fire road.  Headstones date back to the 18th century.
Further info: Baltimore Trails - A Guide for Hikers and Mountain Bikers
By Brian Mackay
Pub. Johns Hopkins Univ Pr; (April 2002)

BCPL Legacy Web (search for "Hoffmanville" for historical pictures of the area)

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