Welcome to K9 Trailblazers

We were a dog hiking club located in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and are dedicated to encouraging responsible hiking with your canine companion.  K9TB was an all volunteer organization that held monthly, leashed hikes on dog-friendly trails in the area.  Unfortunately, K9TB held it's last hike on June 12th, 2010 and is currently on indefinite hiatus.  Many thanks to all the individuals that joined us on hikes over our 10+ year history.  Special thanks to our hike leaders over the years, especially Pat (Micky, Rory, Ancho, and Sparkle), Jenifer (Tigger, and Gigi), and Alice (Diva).

With the end of active sponsorship of canine hikes, these pages are now intended to be a resource for dog hikers in our area as well as a history of K9TB. To learn more about K9TB and dog hiking in the DC/Baltimore area, please follow the links below, or on the trail post at the left of the page.

  • Our FAQ page gives more information about the club

  • Contacts  has e-mail addresses to contact the club organizers and also to sign up to be on our mailing list of hike notices

  • Schedule gives information on future hikes

  • Trip Reports has write ups and pictures of our past hikes

  • Dog Hiking contains helpful tips on hiking and backpacking with your dog.

  • Trip Report has summaries of past hike with pictures

We hope to see you, and your dog, on the trails!